A guide for existing and new racehorse owners

Our commitment

Although we are very passionate about our racehorses, we always aim to have time for the people behind them, working in partnership with owners to ensure the very best experience for all. That means best communication and shared decision-making in providing the highest-quality service. We understand that people who own a racehorse can have different end-goals in terms of how they perceive success. But, whether the ambition is to enjoy the thrill of success at the racetrack or achieve more business-minded objectives, Jeremy will work within the parameters established at the outset with regard to each individual racehorse and owner. Whatever your ambitions, owning a racehorse should be a thrilling and fun experience and we aim to give owners exactly that.

Our guide to racehorse ownership

We know that finding out about racehorse ownership and all that it entails can seem quite a daunting subject. Jeremy is always happy to help with enquiries and can be contacted by email or by ringing his office. But, to understand a little more to begin with, we’ve outlined some of the areas you may have questions about in our horseracing guide for people wanting to own a racehorse.