I want to buy a racehorse – what’s the first step?

If you were to ring our office on 01638 664 010 or email Jeremy@jeremynoseda.com Jeremy would always aim to return your initial contact on the same day. He is always happy to speak to a prospective client on the phone and, if at all possible, arrange for them to visit Shalfleet to see our string and find out more about the stables/facilities.

How often can I visit my horse?

The simple answer is, whenever you want. Jeremy and the team are always pleased to welcome owners to the yard. You can watch your horse at morning exercise, inspect him/her at evening stables – even feed them a carrot or two should you wish!

How much investment is required to own a racehorse?

It is not an easy question to answer because racehorses can be bought for as little as £1,000 but some go through the auction ring for £1million and beyond. As a guideline, it’s simpler to state that most of our horses that have been bought at the sales cost from £25,000 and upwards.

Do you allow shared ownership of racehorses?

While most of our horses are sole-owned, we have had some very successful ones that have been owned by more than one party. Fleeting Spirit and Strike The Deal, Group-race winners, were both owned in partnership and Peak To Creek was shared by two men. We also train for British racing’s premier syndicate business, Highclere.

Will the stable arrange transportation of my horse to the event?

All transportation – be it to the races, sales etc – is organised by the office at Shalfleet.

Who decides if and when my horse will enter a race?

The trainer sees each horse on a daily basis and is best positioned to establish when they are ready for a race. He will identify some prospective racecourse opportunities and then communicate with the horse’s owner(s) to discuss the best option.

Do you keep owners up to date with progress?

Jeremy believes in full accountability to owners – whether it’s good news, no significant news or bad news. He can be contacted by phone on a daily basis and also provides progress bulletins in report form, via fax or email as specified by each individual owner.

Are there risks and things I need to consider regarding racehorse ownership?

While everything is done in terms of trying to buy the right horses and giving them the best possible opportunity during their time at Shalfleet, you are dealing with animals. Racehorses don’t always live up to expectations and this could be for any number of reasons. Like human athletes or sportsmen, they are prone to injuries and illness, while temperament can also prevent a horse from fulfilling his potential.

If you have any other questions about owning at Shalfleet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.