Specialist Services

In preparation and training for races, we ensure that the horse’s wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do. Shalfleet’s facilities are high-class and are designed to provide extensive support to each racehorse here. Our world-class facilities include:

Equine spa

An excellent facility for horses at any stage of training, superb for easing inflammation and overall management of joints.

Game-Ready machine

Which can be applied to any part of the horse’s body, fast-tracking the healing process with top-of-the-range technology.

Vibrating plates

Horses stand on the vibrating plates to aid circulation throughout the body.


For horses going through periods of rehabilitation or not in full exercise.

Starting stalls

Replicating the race track, because we all know that practice makes perfect!


Our well-maintained grass paddocks are there for the horses to relax and enjoy a pick of grass (after morning stables and during evening stables).

The gallops

On Shalfleet’s doorstep are the renowned Long Hill and Warren Hill gallops, while just a couple of hundred yards up the road is the famous Limekilns training-grounds and the fine Al Bahathri polytrack. Such an extensive choice of gallops to work on ensures that every horse is catered for, no matter what stage of training and fitness it is at. The land is owned and looked after by the Jockey Club Estates. Including the training-grounds on the racecourse side of town, there are 50 miles of chalk-based turf gallops, which have been maintained year in and year out for over 300 years. Shalfleet is the perfect place to keep your horse, with the very best care and excellent training conditions.

Care and security