About Jeremy Noseda

Jeremy Noseda's winning formula

What makes the story of Jeremy Noseda’s triumphs that little bit more impressive is that he has achieved a significant amount, largely without access to the thoroughbred’s best bloodlines and families. Firstly, he works hard at the yearling sales, evaluating pedigree and looks when trying to identify future stars. He offers bespoke training solutions for each horse that comes to Shalfleet. On top of that is a phenomenal will-to-win. It is a formula that has worked well so far for him, judged on his consistently good results.

Attention to detail

Jeremy’s will-to-win is well known throughout horseracing. He can cut a very focussed figure ahead of a big race, but owners – and visitors to Shalfleet in general – will tell you that he is great at explaining the training procedure and, outlining all the different aspects that comprise a racehorse’s preparation. Like just about every racehorse trainer, he recognises each horse in his string, by glancing at their heads or their action. The pedigrees of each are imprinted on his mind and he can tell you a bunch of other details as well, including everything from their dentistry records through to whether they have stick-on shoes or otherwise.

Maximising potential

We’re entirely single-minded when it comes to getting the very best out of every horse. Each individual gets the same level of care and attention, whether he or she is a star or otherwise. Jeremy and his team ensure that nothing is left to chance. It is all about seeking to deliver peak performance. That level of commitment is why Jeremy Noseda has been at the upper end of his profession during the last decade.


Jeremy Noseda has a considerably above-average winners-runners ratio, compared to many of his competitors:

Year Strike-rate Winners-to-runners
2010 17% 55-328
2009 18% 61-334
2008 21% 61-285
2007 22% 56-258
2006 18% 46-249
2005 19% 47-250
2004 16% 34-215
2003 20% 38-191
2002 20% 43-218

Making the frame

Jeremy Noseda has a consistently high strike-rate and also an exceptional record for the horses under his care finishing in the first three (be it as a winner or placed) as these records show:

Year Strike-rate Placed horses-to-runners
2010 45% 149-328
2009 49% 162-334
2008 44% 125-285
2007 47% 122-258
2006 50% 124-249
2005 46% 115-250
2004 40% 87-215
2003 43% 83-191
2002 44% 95-218
2001 40% 93-231
2000 50% 84-168
1999 43% 103-241
1998 47% 49-105

Prize money

Horses trained at Shalfleet not only finish in the first three regularly, but they have also consistently secured significant prize money (from British racing) in comparison with many strings, as these figures indicate:

Period Prize Money from UK Rank*
2008-2010 £2,001,239 11th
2006-2009 £3,216,908 7th
2005-2008 £3,059,808 9th
2005-2007 £2,204,154 9th
2004-2006 £1,755,087 11th

* Rank among all UK trainers for prize money won in the UK only.

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