Racehorse training

The core elements of racehorse training

While there are a lot of components that go into successfully training a racehorse, there are three key elements for Jeremy. He wants his horses to be happy, healthy and fit. Common sense, for sure. But a lot of effort and resources are required to get a horse to that point.

From the top

From a horse arriving at Shalfleet, Jeremy will aim to quickly build up a picture in his mind of what level of ability he believes the individual can achieve. Then, and this has been his maxim since his days assisting with training for Godolphin, it has been about leaving no stone unturned in trying to maximise that potential.

Mindset of a racehorse

Shalfleet horses go into their races well prepared. To Jeremy, it is important to do everything in the build-up that will allow his horses to approach the whole race-day experience in an unfazed manner. And that, largely, means giving each individual confidence and composure by thorough preparation.

On the gallops

Racehorse training is a very individual thing - what works for one horse may not for another. But, in general, horses respond to a routine. A horse in full work with Jeremy Noseda will canter four to six mornings of the week and undertake fast work once or twice a week. In every week, the individual will always have an easy day when he is not ridden. He or she may be hand-walked or just enjoy a pick of grass – the aim being to allow a horse the time and space to relax.

The Fuel 

For any athlete competing at the Olympics, his or her diet and supplements can have a significant effect on performance. It is exactly the same for equine athletes and is why Jeremy Noseda is so involved in this aspect of the racehorse training procedure at Shalfleet. He devises each individual’s intake in terms of feed, hay, electrolytes and probiotics.

On the extra mile

Twice a year, he commissions a full blood analysis of the horses under his care. He monitors the levels of minerals - such as calcium, magnesium and copper - and compares them to the optimum standards. To aid top performance, Jeremy commissions supplements from as far away as Australia and America. If the expense brings about just a 0.5 per cent improvement in performance, it could prove the difference between winning by a short head or losing by the same margin.

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