02/02/2019 8/9 ABE LINCOLN (USA) Lingfield (AWT) 1m2f R Moore
02/02/2019 3/9 CENOTAPH (USA) Lingfield (AWT) 6f R Moore
28/01/20199/13  TERESITA ALVAREZ (USA) Wolverhampton (AWT Evening) 1m S Kelly
23/01/2019 8/8 ABE LINCOLN (USA) Lingfield (AWT) 1m2f R Havlin
19/01/20192/7  LADY COSETTE (FR) Wolverhampton (AWT Evening) 7f S Kelly
09/01/20195/6  CENOTAPH (USA) Kempton (AWT Evening) 6f R Moore
04/01/20194/4  TERESITA ALVAREZ (USA) Kempton (AWT) 1m J Watson
28/12/2018  LADY COSETTE (FR) Lingfield (AWT)  7f S Kelly
21/12/2018 4/11 TERESITA ALVAREZ (USA) Wolverhampton (AWT Evening) 7f S Kelly
28/11/2018 12/14 ALEXA ROSE (USA) Newcastle (AWT) 6f G Lee
28/11/2018 10/12 QUERELLE (USA) Wolverhampton (AWT) 1m S Kelly
24/11/2018 7/10 TERESITA ALVAREZ (USA) Wolverhampton (AWT) 7f S Kelly
23/11/2018 3/10 LADY COSETTE (FR) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 1m S Kelly
14/11/20182/9  ZAIN HANA Kempton (AWT Evening) 6f D Probert
10/11/2018 6/9 NO TROUBLE (IRE) Chelmsford City 7f K O'Neill
30/10/20187/9  ALEXA ROSE (USA) Lingfield Park (AWT) 7f S Kelly
27/10/2018 10/10 GARRUS (IRE) Doncaster 6f L Dettori
23/10/20181/9  JOHNNY REB Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 6f S Kelly
22/10/2018 8/14 NO TROUBLE (IRE) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 7f R Havlin
10/10/20182/7  CENOTAPH (USA) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 6f W Buick
05/10/2018 6/11 MISSY MISCHIEF (USA) Ascot 6f S De Sousa 
04/10/20187/14  QUASAR (USA) Chelmsford (AWT Evening) 7f W Buick
01/10/2018 5/12 LAQUEZZA (USA) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 5f J Spencer
30/09/20184/9  LADY COSETTE (FR) Epsom Downs 7f A Atzeni
29/09/2018 16/35 ABE LINCOLN (USA) Newmarket (Rowley Mile) 1m1f L Morris
28/09/2018 5/20 JUS PIRES (USA) Newmarket (Rowley Mile) 1m1f J Spencer
28/09/2018 1/15 NO TROUBLE (IRE) Newmarket (Rowley Mile) 7f S De Sousa
25/09/20181/14  STAUNCH (USA) Lingfield (AWT) 1m2f S De Sousa
24/09/2018 4/9 QUARGENT (USA) Kempton Park (AWT) 1m S De Sousa
24/09/2018 3/9 ZAIN HANA Kempton Park (AWT) 6f R Moore
24/09/20186/11  ALEXA ROSE (USA) Kempton Park (AWT) 7f R Moore
22/09/20197/9  GARRUS (IRE) Newbury 6f J Crowley
22/09/20188/10  PERFECT HUSTLER (USA) Newmarket (Rowley Mile) 1m K O'Neill
22/09/20182/14  QUERELLE (USA) Chelmsford (AWT) 7f J Watson
17/09/2018  KAMIKAZE LORD (USA) Kempton (AWT) 6f J Doyle
15/09/20182/10  STAUNCH (USA) Lingfield (AWT) 1m S Kelly
13/09/2018 13/14 LADY COSETTE (FR) Doncaster 6f W Buick
11/09/20181/8  PERFECT HUSTLER (USA) Leicester 7f J Doyle
10/09/2018 1/7 MISSY MISCHIEF (USA) Chelmsford (AWT Evening) 6f J Doyle
03/09.20184/14  TERESITA ALVAREZ (USA) Windsor 6f S Kelly
03/09/2018 12/14 ALEXA ROSE (USA) Windsor 6f L Morris
01/09/2018 11/16 CENOTAPH (USA) Chelmsford City (AWT Evening) 7f R Moore
31/08/2018 8/8 GARRUS (IRE) Newcastle (AWT Evening) 6f L Morris
30/08/2018 3/11 JUS PIRES (USA) Chelmsford City (AWT) 1m L Morris
26/08/20189/13  QUASAR (USA) Yarmouth 6f J Spencer
25/08/20189/9  LADY COSETTE (FR) Windsor (Evening) 6f O Murphy
25/08/2018 4/12 KAMIKAZE LORD (USA) Newmarket (July) 6f T Queally
23/08/201812/15  BETTY F York 7f L Dettori
21/08/20187/14  STAUNCH (USA) Kempton (AWT) 1m A Kirby
19/08/20181/13  ZAIN HANA Pontefract 6f R Havlin
18/08/2018 4/9 MISSY MISCHIEF (USA) Doncaster 6f R Havlin
18/08/2018 6/8 TERESITA ALVAREZ (USA) Doncaster 1m P Makin
15/08/2018 3/9 PERFECT HUSTLER (USA) Kempton (AWT Evening) 7f A Kirby
15/08/201811/12  QUERELLE (USA) Kempton (AWT Evening) 7f J Spencer
09/08/20185/7  QUARGENT (USA) Sandown (Evening) 1m2f R Moore
08/08/2018 3/6 LAUGHING STRANGER (USA) Yarmouth (Evening)1m6f  J Spencer
07/08/2018 4/4 ZAIN HANA Nottingham (Evening) 6f R Moore
03/08/2018 1/11 GARRUS (IRE) Newmarket (July Evening) 6f J Doyle
03/08/201813/18  BETTY FGoodwood  7f J Crowley
02/08/2018 8/13 LADY COSETTE (FR)Goodwood 7f W Buick
27/07/20181/9  TERESITA ALVAREZ (USA) Ascot 7f J Doyle
26/07/20186/11  QUERELLE (USA) Newbury 7f J Spencer
24/07/20187/7  CENOTAPH (USA) Chelmsford (AWT Evening) 6f R Moore
21/07/20187/8  ZAIN HANA Newmarket (July) 6f R Havlin
17/07/20187/8  LAUGHING STRANGER (USA) Chelmsford (AWT) 1m5f A Kirby
16/07/2018 1/6 JUS PIRES (USA) Windsor (Evening) 1m2f J Doyle
16/07/20183/13  GARRUS (IRE) Windsor (Evening) 6f J Spencer
14/07/20185/15  PERFECT HUSTLER (USA) Ascot 7f A Kirby
12/07/201812/15  LADY COSETTE (FR) Newmarket (July) 6f P Hanagan
06/07/20187/7  BETTY F Doncaster 7f D Tudhope
02/07/20183/4  JUS PIRES (USA) Windsor (Evening) 1m2f J Doyle
30/06/20187/8  GISELE'S ANGEL Doncaster (Evening) 6f J Egan
30/06/20183/6  ZAIN HANA York 1m R Havlin
29/06/20184/11  QUARGENT (USA) Doncaster 1m2f A Atzeni
26/06/201813/14  PRINCE MAURICE (USA) Windsor (Evening) 1m T Queally
25/06/20183/6  PERFECT HUSTLER (USA) Windsor (Evening) 6f J Egan
22/06/201823/24  BETTY F Royal Ascot 1m L Dettori
20/06/20182/13  CENOTAPH (USA) Chelmsford (AWT Evening) 6f S Kelly
18/06/2018 1/9 LAUGHING STRANGER (USA) Windsor (Evening) 1m2f R Havlin
17/05/20182/12  LAUGHING STRANGER (USA) Newmarket (Rowley Mile Evening) 1m2f A Atzeni
12/05/2018 1/9 LA FIGLIA (IRE) Lingfield Park 7f J Egan
07/05/20189/14  BOLD WARRIOR (IRE) Windsor 1m J Spencer
30/04/2018 6/6 LAUGHING STRANGER (USA) Wolverhampton (AWT) 1m1f R Havlin
28/04/2018 2/13 BOLD WARRIOR (IRE) Wolverhampton (AWT Evening) 1m O Murphy
18/04/20185/13  BOLD WARRIOR (IRE) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 7f J Spencer
18/04/20183/12 ZAIN HANA (GB) Newmarket (Rowley Mile) 7f J Egan
14/04/20187/10  BETTY F Lingfield Park (AWT) 7f J Doyle
07/04/20182/10  LA FIGLIA (IRE)  Kempton Park (AWT) 1m J Doyle
31/03/201813/16  INTREPIDLY (USA) Kempton Park (AWT) 1m3f F Berry
30/03/201810/10  GRONKOWSKI (USA) Newcastle (AWT) 1m J Spencer
30/03/201810/10  ABE LINCOLN Lingfield Park (AWT) 1m2f P Hanagan
17/03/20183/7 ABE LINCOLN (USA) Wolverhampton (AWT Evening) 1m1f K Shoemark
07/03/20185/7 GRONKOWSKI (USA) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 1m J Spencer
07/03/20186/7 INTREPIDLY (USA) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 1m2f A Atzeni
03/03/20181/6 LANSKY (IRE) Lingfield (AWT) 7f R Moore
27/02/20184/5 ABE LINCOLN (USA) Lingfield (AWT) 1m2f R Moore
27/02/20183/4 WALK IN THE SUN (USA) Lingfield (AWT) 7f R Moore
09/02/20181/3GRONKOWSKI (USA) Newcastle (AWT Evening) 1m J Spencer
01/02/20184/10KEYSTROKE (GB) Meydan 7f J Doyle
29/01/20185/5 ABE LINCOLN (USA) Wolverhampton (AWT Evening) 7f K Shoemark
27/01/20185/8 INTREPIDLY (USA) Lingfield Park (AWT) 1m4f R Moore
27/01/20183/9 TRADE TALKS Lingfield Park (AWT) 1m R Moore
26/01/20183/14 WALK IN THE SUN (USA) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 7f R Moore
14/01/20186/9 ANGEL'S WHISPER (IRE) Southwell 7f O Murphy
11/01/201812/16 KEYSTROKE (GB) Meydan 7f J Egan
20/12/201714/14 MR RITZ Kempton (AWT) 7f M Harley
14/12/20176/9 ABE LINCOLN (USA) Chelmsford City (AWT Evening) 1m K Shoemark
12/12/20179/9 INTREPIDLY (USA) Lingfield Park (AWT) 1m2f S Levey
01/12/20171/10 BEYOND THE FRINGE (IRE) Chelmsford City (AWT Evening) 6f J Crowley
23/11/20174/4 TRANQUIL STAR (IRE) Newcastle (AWT) 1m2f D Tudhope
22/11/20178/14 KEYSTROKE Kempton (AWT Evening) 1m A Kirby
09/11/201711/12 GRONKOWSKI (USA) Chelmsford (AWT Evening) 1m S Levey
25/10/20177/11 MAGOJIRO (USA) Kempton (AWT Evening) 1m J Egan
24/10/20173/9 PERFECT HUSTLER (USA) Kempton (AWT Evening) 6f J Egan
23/10/20176/9 TRANQUIL STAR (IRE) Pontefract 1m4f J Egan
16/10/201712/13 JUS PIRES (USA) Windsor 1m2f S Levey
14/10/20176/9 LANSKY (IRE) Kempton (AWT Evening) 6f K Shoemark
13/10/20176/11 INTREPIDLY (USA) Newmarket (Rowley Mile) 1m4f L Dettori
13/10/20175/12 QUIVERY (USA) Newmarket (Rowley Mile) 1m L Dettori
12/10/20175/8 ANGEL'S WHISPER (IRE) Chelmsford (AWT Evening) 6f J Doyle
09/10/2017 3/9 PERFECT HUSTLER (USA) Kempton (AWT Evening) 6f J Egan
09/10/2017 1/8 ME TOO NAGASAKI (IRE) Pontefract 1m F Norton
07/10/2017 6/10 GRONKOWSKI (USA) Newmarket (Rowley Mile) 1m R Moore
05/10/2017 2/13 DREAM OF SUMMER (IRE) Chelmsford City (AWT Evening) 1m H Bentley
04/10/2017 6/9 ROZANNE (IRE) Nottingham 5f J Egan
03/10/2017 12/12 TRANQUIL STAR (IRE) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 1m3f J Egan
30/09/2017 6/13 BETTY F Newmarket (Rowley Mile) 6f P Smullen
29/09/2017 4/15 LA FIGLIA (IRE) Newmarket (Rowley Mile) 1m L Dettori
27/09/2017 10/10 INTREPIDLY (USA) Kempton (AWT Evening) 1m3f J Spencer
27/09/2017 4/9 ME TOO NAGASAKI (IRE) Goodwood 1m2f J Doyle
26/09/2017 8/12 GOOD BUSINESS (IRE) Chelmsford (AWT Evening) 7f F Marsh
23/09/2017 8/8 STAUNCH (USA) Wolverhampton (AWT Evening) 1m J Spencer
23/09/2017 8/10 LANSKY (IRE) Newbury 6f J Spencer
23/09/2017 6/9 QUARGENT (USA) Newmarket (Rowley Mile) 1m J Egan
23/09/2017 9/16 GRONKOWSKI (USA) Newbury 7f R Moore
21/09/2017 9/13 ROZANNE (IRE) Yarmouth 6f J Egan
20/09/2017 8/10 ANGEL'S WHISPER (IRE) Beverley 5f P Hanagan
15/09/2017 6/7 TRANQUIL STAR (IRE) Salisbury (Evening) 1m2f T Queally
08/09/201710/11 DREAM OF SUMMER (IRE) Kempton (AWT Evening) 1m A Jones
05/09/2017 9/12 LA FIGLIA (IRE) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 6f R Moore
04/09/2017 3/10 GOOD BUSINESS (IRE) Brighton 1m D Egan
04/09/2017 10/11 TAKE ME WITH YOU (USA) Windsor 6f J Spencer
30/08/2017 1/8 EUQRANIAN (USA) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 7f J Spencer
30/08/2017 3/10 ROZANNE (IRE) Lingfield Park 7f D Egan
 27/08/2017 1/9 FIREFRIGHT (IRE) Yarmouth 7f J Spencer
 27/08/2017 5/16 ZAIN HANA Yarmouth 6f J Egan
 26/08/2017 10/10 PRINCE MAURICE (USA) Windsor (Evening) 6f J Spencer
 26/08/2017 7/10 ANGEL'S WHISPER (IRE) Windsor (Evening) 6f G Mosse
 26/08/2017 2/9 BETTY F Newmarket (July) 6f G Mosse
 26/08/2017 5/10 QUIVERY (USA) Goodwood 7f J Spencer
 23/08/2017 11/11 LANSKY (IRE) York 7f G Mosse
 21/08/2017 12/13 STAUNCH (USA) Lingfield Park 7f J Spencer
 18/08/2017 1/8 DEJA (FR)  Wolverhampton (AWT) 1m G Mosse
 18/08/2017 7/13 STAUNCH (USA) Newbury 7f F Berry
 16/08/2017 2/14 QUARGENT (USA) Kempton (AWT Evening) 7f J Spencer
 14/08/2017 6/12 LANSKY (IRE) Windsor (Evening) 6f G Mosse
 09/08/2017 7/13 JUS PIRES (USA) Kempton Park (AWT Evening) 1m J Doyle
 05/08/2017 11/11 ROZANNE (IRE) Newmarket (July) 7f J Egan
 05/08/2017 15/15 PERFECT HUSTLER (USA) Doncaster 7f S Hitchcott
 04/08/2017 5/9 FIREFRIGHT (IRE) Newmarket (Evening) 6f W Buick
 04/08/2017 5/14 GOOD BUSINESS (IRE) Newmarket (Evening) 1m J Egan
 04/08/2017 11/14 EUQRANIAN (USA) Newmarket (Evening) 1m J Doyle
 31/07/2017 6/10 FIRST UP (IRE) Wolverhampton (AWT Evening) 1m J Crowley
 21/07/2017 9/10 QUIVERY (USA) Newmarket (Evening) 7f J Spencer
 20/07/2017 2/5 FIRST UP (IRE) Epsom Downs (Evening) 1m2f J Egan
 20/07/2017 7/10 FIREFRIGHT (IRE) Doncaster (Evening) 7fW Buick
 15/07/2017 14/20 SIXTIES GROOVE (IRE) York 1m2f G Mosse
 15/07/2017 11/15  ABE LINCOLN (USA) York 1m G Mosse
 15/07/2017 8/14 QUARGENT (USA) Newmarket (July) 7f J Spencer
 14/07/2017 6/11 DEJA (FR) Newmarket (July) 7f G Mosse
 14/07/2017 1/11 MARZOUQ (USA) Newmarket (July) 1m2f J Egan
 08/07/2017 7/10 FIREFRIGHT (IRE) Sandown 7f G Mosse
 06/07/2017 1/7 GOTTI (USA) Yarmouth 6f G Mosse
 03/07/2017 9/10 LIGHT HUMOR Windsor 1m J Spencer
03/07/2017 8/10 JUS PIRES (USA) Windsor 1m J Doyle
 03/07/2017 4/8 INTREPIDLY (USA) Windsor 1m2f J Spencer
 02/07/2017 4/12 GOOD BUSINESS (IRE) Windsor 1m L Morris
 02/07/2017 7/12 EUQRANIAN (USA) Windsor 1m J Doyle
 01/07/2017 7/8 WINNING WAYS (IRE) Newmarket (July) 7f G Mosse
 01/07/2017 8/10 PERFECT HUSTLER (USA) Windsor 6f A Fresu
 21/06/2017 31/33 ABE LINCOLN (USA) Royal Ascot 1m G Mosse
 21/06/2017 11/24 MISSY MISCHIEF (USA) Royal Ascot 5f G Mosse
 21/06/2017 2/20 WINNING WAYS (IRE) Royal Ascot 7f G Mosse
 19/06/2017 9/10 GOTTI (USA) Windsor 5f G Mosse
 18/06/2017 8/10 QUIVERY (USA) Doncaster 7f J Spencer
 17/06/2017 1/9 INTREPIDLY (USA) Sandown 1m1f R Moore
 16/06/2017 4/8 MARZOUQ (USA) Goodwood 1m D Egan
 10/06/2017 8/10 TAKE ME WITH YOU (USA) Newmarket (July) 6f G Mosse
 09/06/2017 5/9 GOTTI (USA) Brighton 5f G Mosse
 08/06/2017 12/12 ME TOO NAGASAKI (IRE) Sandown 1m J Doyle
 06/06/2017 14/14 RECKLESS WOMAN (IRE) Yarmouth 1m S De Sousa
 03/06/2017 9/9 EUQRANIAN (USA) Lingfield 7f S De Sousa
 03/06/2017 4/15 MARZOUQ (USA) Doncaster 1m D Egan
 02/06/2017 11/12 FIREFRIGHT (IRE) Epsom 7f A Atzeni
 02/06/2017 9/12 SIXTIES GROOVE (IRE) Epsom 1m A Kirby
 01/06/2017 8/13 ME TOO NAGASAKI (IRE) Wolverhampton (AWT) 1m L Morris
 27/05/2017 1/8 GOTTI (USA) Salisbury 5f G Mosse
 27/05/2017 9/15 FIRST UP (IRE) Haydock 1m J Quinn
 27/05/2017 4/11 MISSY MISCHIEF (USA) Goodwood 6f G Mosse
 22/05/2017 11/14 EUQRANIAN (USA) Windsor 1m J Egan
 20/05/2017 7/7 ME TOO NAGASAKI (IRE) Doncaster 1m J Egan
 19/04/2017 7/10 JUS PIRES (USA) Newmarket (July) 1m G Mosse
 19/05/2017 4/10GOOD BUSINESS (IRE) Newmarket (July) 1m S De Sousa
12/05/2017 5/9TRANQUIL STAR (IRE)Ascot1m2fG Mosse
 12/05/2017 5/9 WINNING WAYS (IRE) Ascot 7f J Egan
 12/05/2017 16/17 FIRST UP (IRE) Ascot1m J Egan